Must Do The Inside Work To Make The Marketing Work

People come to me almost daily wanting to know how to do a particular tactic or specifically how to make the marketing work!I usually point them to training to help with that‚ because I care‚ but I see people online failing more and more.

So I went trying to find out why? Nothing pleases me more than to see a team mate succeed. And its my mission to help people so I had to get to the bottom of why so many didn’t really succeed to make the marketing work! As you have noticed I have been talking about the event I just came back from‚ because really it was about what I am going to talk to you about today!

I laugh at the names that they come up with for the events‚ the last one was called “Don’t be a Wussy” Now before you get defensive and think I am calling you names‚ understand something those of us who went‚ realize that it is ourselves and only ourselves that we are talking about.

Everyone Is Looking For The Secret On The Latest Marketing Strategy But Fail To Realize That They Must Do The Inside Work To Make The Marketing Work

And again I point all the fingers at myself. Because it took me a long time to realize that I had not done the inside work‚ at least not enough to create the results that I wanted.We have to be honest with ourselves. I am also reading a book that talks about how important it is to take responsibility for our results‚ ouch! In other words‚ we were the only one that was always at the scene of the crime every single time.

We cannot blame others. I know I have often made it the fault of another‚ or the fault of a particular circumstance. And had to come to realize that only when I could look it all in the eye and realize‚ only I decide where my future is headed‚ and

the results of today are the result of my best thinking‚” as Tony Rush has said.

Facebook status today: Many people think that they have to mimic other people.. That never creates the success that they seek What does have to happen is a gradual Peeling away of all those disempowering beliefs and behaviors that have kept you from discovering your real power.. That power that makes you unstoppable and amazing

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