I Win Because I Refuse To Lose

I Win Because I Refuse To Lose In My Network Marketing Efforts

You see I found out long ago to look beyond the present chaos of my present life! I think the best thing I can do for you today is to share one personal story and then this video.

One thing I did early and it has helped my network marketing efforts is to get on mailing lists and listening and reading about great leaders in the industry.

When I felt like no one else was in my corner‚ then these people were in my corner‚ even though most times at the beginning they didn’t even know me. I knew they were talking to me. I had people that quit all the time‚I had family that didn’t support me‚ oh that is such a different story.


I Cried And I Screamed But I Didn’t Stop My Network Marketing Efforts

One story I will share today was very early before the internet. I had just gone through thirteen ’Horrendous abusive years of marriage. I was alone with 3 little kids. I wanted to just quit life. I was in Amway‚ and I never sponsored one person!

Not one from my network marketing efforts! I remember driving home from work‚ and screaming and crying in my car. Just give me someone in my life that cares about me‚ and will support me in my efforts to build something better‚ just give me that‚ that is all I ask.

I cried all the way home. And then found that my baby sitter was not even there‚ my kids were scrounging for something to eat. I could have thrown in the towel in all of my network marketing efforts. I could have quit so many times‚ but Eric Worre‚ and Randy Gage‚ and David Wood‚ Jim Rohn‚ and all the old Amway tapes (wow I wish I had those today!)

And the list goes on and on and on‚ they got me through. I didn’t give up because somehow one of their words‚ picked me up and made me believe I could still do this. Now I am still here‚ and I teach others my network marketing efforts because I refused to lose I now win.


I Keep Going With My Network Marketing Efforts And You Can Too!

Was it easy NO!  But yes it was worth it.. I grew from all the experiences I have had.. and yes I also grew in my income..

Your Income will only grow if you are willing to stop quitting and start winning!


That is why I share and believe in you today!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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