Why PLS Is The Best System

Most have you hook up Aweber and Getresponse.. for us that is optional.

Many have blogs but they are community blogs (meaning they are really that company url).

Many have page building stuff but its limited.

and think of this

PLS could have easily charged us extra for the blog and did not

Some have some sort of contact database (which separately can be very pricey) but we have one that lets us do a lot more than just send mass emails to them

When others make amazing pages in other programs they charge for them, our members just give a sharecode for free and we all win..

So everyone thinking to complain, stay with it, build it, and learn it and share it!

Franco Gonzalez Most “major systems” arent even around anymore… ?????‍♂️ #AndThatIsSayingSomething ???❤️



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