What Is Your Primary?

People have asked me a lot of times lately..

“What is your Primary”

That was something started by a system I was in‚ but really think about it. What is a primary? The program you want everyone to join?

What if it is not suited for them? If I stay confined only to one company I leave people unsatisfied..

For instance‚ I do not drink coffee‚ it is against my religion‚ but more importantly it is against my principles‚ so I do not ever drink it..

So if someone has a “Primary” of a Coffee company‚ even if they have other things‚ I could never represent it‚ because if its against my principles I cannot represent it!

I was also asked if I would follow something who has an unethical person in it? Well I have to look at the company as a whole‚ is it Unethical? Then no.

If it is Ethical yes‚ if it is Ethical‚ and I feel it will help someone then I would‚ it would be about the company and what they stand for that is going to move me either towards it or away from it.

Most companies are founded on Ethical principles. Sometimes the owner goes astray. Can you judge the whole company by one person in crisis? Not usually. I have been in many‚and seen many things‚ I have seen owners act in ways I don’t like‚ and I do not condone their acts.

But I do not judge the company by what they do in their personal life. Because at some point the company takes on more than just that one person’s persona‚ it takes on the persona of those who come up in the ranks.

I am working towards being ethical and of high integrity. That May be something that sounds weird‚ but we are not in this society taught to be ethical‚ in fact if you look at the way things are‚ most just look not to get caught.

And I have come to realize that I don’t need a stamp of approval from anyone‚ only myself. I will always work to come from integrity and full ethical standards. If I make mistakes‚ it is only because I am not yet perfect

So what is my primary?

ME I am Lynda Cromar‚ my company is my name. I work on being who I want to be‚and I offer what fits into the brand that I have created. It is actually much more freeing than staying in a box‚ created by others!


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