Today Is The Day You Decide

Everyday is a new piece of paper. I have now been 1 week out from the Millionaire Mind Intensive.

I can’t give you specifics‚ I was actually sworn to secrecy No actually its a personal experience‚ mine would not be the same as yours.

Here is one thing I can share‚ many of us have been conditioned by our past experiences‚and the people in our lives. We don’t even know why we make the decisions we do.

Here is one I made. I didn’t have all the answers‚ I knew I needed help‚ and I wanted to succeed. I decided I was coachable and this book was going to hold the answers.

Will it for you? One thing I do know for sure: I used to have a “I Know That.” attitude. I was really not allowing for growth‚ now I take it wherever I find it‚ how do you “know” you know it all?

No one does‚ we are always in the learning mode. That’s why I downloaded it read it and still re-read it all the time. There is a call tonight that could help you understand your business like you never did before.

But most of you will say‚ “I know that‚ and I have it all.” Most of you won’t bother‚ and won’t ever know. 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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