To Those Who Ask Me To Look At Their Website

My open letter to those who would ask me to look at their website‚ great to know where I stand!

I appreciate your enthusiasm and I wish the best for you. I am already very committed to one myself‚ and believe you can only be good at one at a time.

I do have a product-based network marketing business with actually the most distributor friendly compensation and policies I have ever seen anywhere else.

I found out that you can have the most amazing product but if the business model doesn’t favor you it doesn’t matter. And I have to tell you I am not new and have been around a while‚I have been in several companies and seen it all.

I generally never get on a conference call or visit a website to get the answers because frankly that is not where they are. Its a proven fact that virtually all of the network marketing companies if they truly expect to last have wonderful products. That is rarely the issue.

The issue is other things‚ the products prices and if they are value-priced‚ in other words‚whether they are affordable‚ and you would still buy them even if there was not a compensation plan attached. and (this is big would be the policies and procedures‚ which can literally make or break whether you will be successful or not.

So when talking to me I would want to see the documentation not the pretty website. When I check those out I actually really find out about the integrity of that company. 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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