The Avatar is Complete!

Today I am at one with myself‚I am not a separate Person‚and at War With Myself! The Avatar is Complete!

Okay that’s a mouthful and I am sure some are saying what does that mean? I am not talking business but the person in this.

Before any success in life‚ not just business‚ you have to find out who you are‚ what you are passionate about‚ because your success depend on it. Most success never happens from

“Just hanging in there‚” “Going with the flow‚” “Or doing our duty‚” or “Going through the motions.”

There is no positive vibration in any of those things. There must be some passion‚ some love‚some excitement‚ some feeling that you are making a difference.

The Avatar in this instance is that oneness‚ of being totally connected with yourself‚ with your environment‚ with your associates. Its a learned process. Most of us are not there naturally.

In the movie‚ the male counterpart was not natural at first‚ he had to learn from her‚ she was natural‚ and totally connected‚ and even when she had to do something she didn’t like‚ she didn’t punish herself or anyone else.

When the two decided they were going to be connected spiritually they said “I see you‚”and I interpret that to mean‚ I see you as you really are inside‚ I accept you‚ I love who you are‚ I am okay with myself‚ and with you. I love myself‚ and I love you. I am complete‚ but I can be complete alone or with you. I accept that you are different‚ its okay with me.

When you can truly say those things to yourself‚ and to others‚ you are in a high vibration of love. When I mentor someone‚ I cannot be about my own needs. I must be totally into what that persons needs are. When I can love like that I can do that. I look at what their higher good is. Mine is not a part of that.

So much of what the world teaches is grounded in fear. The news is full of it. The drug companies‚ the Media in general. Much of the internet. You can hardly go anywhere without being touched by it.

But I choose not to let that rule my world. I chose not to participate. Much of what has happened has been created by everyone’s fear. Much of it can be corrected with love.

But this isn’t a discussion about that as much as pointing out that when we sit and watch the evening news‚ most of it is negative‚ if we listen to talk radio‚ much of it is negative. the newspapers‚ the internet. We have to be choosy.

I have to feed positive to off-set all of this‚ anyone who is tired of being tired can choose to do that. That is the beginning of being in a more positive place.

Where do you find the positive? You can find it on TV‚ radio‚ but you have to search for it. You can find it on the internet you must search for it. Read‚ there are many great authors. I have a list on my profile. Or any other author you like. We are not in such a terrible time as everyone thinks‚ there are many opportunities for growth‚ fulfillment and love.

There are many opportunities for a better life. We have to stop thinking someone or something else is going to do it for us and take back our own power. Chose to believe you can do that. You choose to have your own power or be a victim.

So my Avatar‚ is loving‚ see herself as powerful in a good way‚ that I protect and nourish. I love‚ and am not afraid. Its a bit child-like but if you’ve ever noticed how open and loving a small child is‚ thats a beautiful thing.

It doesn’t mean being taken advantage of‚ it means use your wisdom for good. You can still be wise in your choices‚ and in what you want. Make it the best. 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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