Talent Is Cheaper Than Table Salt!

I could never say I was the most Talented but I will say I was t.he most persistent! Lynda Cromar
Before you can truly succeed at anything you really have to examine who you are ~ Lynda Cromar

I used to believe that I had to find just the right leader, or ju.st the right product and then I would be totally set..

The problem with that is that I didn’t know what to say or w.hat to do!

I made a huge pile of mistakes, and I failed so many times

I was sold over and over again, because I was not set on w.ho I was, and where I was going..

I learned that I created those scenarios, and sometimes still do..

I have not reach the point where I am perfect, but I have re.ach a point where I can produce a living online!

I don’t hype you, and it makes no difference to me if you b.elieve me..

It takes, building yourself, as much as it takes building a business.

A lot of people think that it is talent that creates the leaders and winners

Well lets see…

When I came to the internet.. I barely knew how to move the mouse and I didn’t know what right-click was!

I didn’t have success

I didn’t own a Facebook profile, I didn’t have a clue

I had an insatiable desire to learn and figure it all out

I didn’t announce that I was overwhelmed, although I was at times

Frankly it was not easy or simple when I came onto the internet..

There was no set up for you blog that sold for you, I had to do it all myself

And because I had crashed our finances, and put us into over $100,000 in debt, I couldn’t use any of our household money to build my business.

I was a perfect candidate for failure, I was green, I was open and easily a victim to others who were unethical

But what I did have.. was a drive to keep going, and I had a bounce-back mechanism inside that didn’t let me stay down when I failed

So when someone says I am talented.. or lucky.. or gifted

I think “If you really knew!”


To Your Abundant Success!!

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