Take Time To Rest‚ Reflect And Regroup!

This one especially for the work-a-holics! The procrastinators don’t need this one! I have found that I can go a mile a minute everyday‚ and find I have not actually accomplished anything. So this is for those who do that also.


There must be some down time‚ a time when you let it go‚ shake it off and let yourself go into a period of rest‚ not just when you throw yourself into bed but also a period of relaxation.

For instance‚ Saturday I went to La Junta. I didn’t check my e-mail‚ I didn’t get on the web at all‚ and I didn’t make any calls. It was a time of family and celebration. It was a small period of off-time.


Now this is tricky especially for those who tend to be critical. I used to have a mentor who gave me a sheet to fill out everyday for him‚ what I did right‚ what I need to improve‚and questions I have.

Well you don’t necessarily have to have someone to do that with although that can be good‚ especially for someone new.

Lets break that down:

What you did right! This is really good‚ but many skip this part and go right to what they did wrong! I did that too‚ and never focused on what was going right.

Make this the bigger emphasis‚ rather than what you did wrong. If we do this‚ we can feel encouraged and feel that we are making some progress. Too much of the time‚ people only focus on what went wrong‚that only adds more stress‚ and you are not going to see much progress.

What you need to improve:

Think of this as constructive‚ not destructive. What can be improved rather than what went wrong. And then take the time to evaluate what steps could be taken to improve something that wasn’t at your standards.


This is an easy one‚ but its about what things do you need to understand better‚ and get help with‚ and then direct those questions to the appropriate person.


Now set up a step-by-step process that you want to take‚ to make the improvements without taking away the things that are going well.

This might be about adding something to your marketing‚ taking a certain amount of time each day‚ to learn about a new marketing strategy‚or applying something new to it‚ or it May be to take more time with your phone calls.

Then implement it into your processes! This is not nor is there every a place in this process for beating yourself up for making mistakes‚ remember that mistakes are actually part of the process of building your “Success Formula!”


To Your Abundant Success!!

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