Do You Take Your Calls Or Do You Call Back?

MLM 101 If You Don’t Follow Up You Won’t Close! Confused?

In the beginning there was the phone‚ and the phone was the law. It was the major and only true way to create rapport and get started sharing your business with people. Then we started using internet. Somehow in that process many people got mixed message. “I never call my leads.” “Wait to call‚ you May seem too needy!”

Many of these concepts came from an attitude of not believing that we had value to share with people. When I first started I bought leads‚ there was never a question about calling because there was a big financial outlay right away. But really‚ if you spent time building rapport on line‚ and generated a lead‚ you still want to continue that relationship on the phone!

Continuing the Relationship

Without a connection and a building of the relationship with people you do not have a business! Sorry if you think that is harsh‚ but that is the real truth.

An auto-responder is a great tool‚ and I did a post some time ago about Robots Don’t Join Your Business‚ that talked more about that‚ but essentially realize it’s a great tool for follow up but it does not take the place of that personal connection.

If you do not learn to use the phone to connect you will be constantly suffering the horrible condition called Attrition‚ which is when people quit. You want to remember that that personal connection with you is why they joined your list in the first part!

Making Time To Call Back

It is a sound and necessary business practice to make a special time to call and receive calls. I know myself that there are times when it is essential to be doing specific marketing tasks‚and it’s very important not to break my concentration and take calls. In a forum I did recently‚I had one gentleman adamantly call this practice stupid.

Well‚ it’s not if you go back to what I said at the beginning: make time and call back. I have to have specific times set up so I still can focus on my own mentoring of team members‚writing or recording my content. I also have to have personal time for my personal development and my family.

We control the telephone it does not control us. Many times when I am in between calls I do answer because I am accessible if I have completed my own tasks that I must do every day. But I caution you‚ answering means you have to be ready to respond and if that intimidates you then it’s better to set appointments and set times.

Even in sales people are not always able to answer their calls directly but they do return their calls. If I am making calls to my prospects then that is my focus. If I am writing content then that is my focus. If you let yourself get scattered by being interrupted you will not have any focus at all. It’s like do you go to your e-mail every five minutes and check it? I don’t do that either.

I have set times so I can be the most productive. Another thing that is happening often is the auto-dialercalls‚ I get at least 5 a day. If I answer those it breaks the train. if I am giving my prospect my full attention then answering a call in the middle of it is just rude!

Voice Mail

So of course it’s really important to first; have a message that sounds professional. Encourage them to leave their number‚ make sure it’s not too long. Make sure it sounds friendly and like you. Many use something that is scripted‚ I recommend you write down points you want in it‚ do it a few times and listen‚ leave time enough to do this and not be rushed. This is a business tool!

Call Backs

If someone leaves a number they expect a call back. You must start having an attitude that you are a business owner and this is part of your work. But depending on the reason why they called‚ it’s usually about answering their questions. It’s also about helping them. Make sure you take focus off of you. It’s not about giving them a presentation (rarely) until they have been sufficiently filtered and you have found they are ready for your presentation.

If You Do Feel Confident To Answer

Answer something personal not a business name. I always say‚ “Hello this is Lynda.” I also have to say that I would not bother to answer 800 numbers or those 117 etc type numbers‚ those are auto-dialer calls.

Of course once someone has told you who they are and a little about why they called‚ it’s time to ask some questions.

“What about my program made you click on my link?”

“What problem were you looking to solve that got you looking when you found my link?”

“What MLM or Affiliate program are you presently doing?”

You get the idea! They need to tell you what they are doing now and what they were looking for or you won’t know what they need and how to help! I think the biggest reason people don’t want to use the phone is because they are afraid they will get someone irate that is not happy that they called.

Well‚ frankly‚ because I do so much warming up with my content and relationship-buildingbeforehand‚ that truly doesn’t happen anymore. It did when I bought leads‚ but since I teach and practice using Attraction Marketing Techniques with such Social Media Sites as Facebook‚ it really doesn’t have to be an issue at all!

If They Call Before They Are On Your List

Once in a while I get someone who is not in my list that calls and I am polite‚ because you really never know if they might actually become a prospect on your list in the future. Sometimes they want to know if what you are putting out there is the real you!  At least for me‚ it’s not about giving them a bunch of things they have to do‚ but to put them at ease. Most of the time I conduct that call the same way I would if they are on my list. I treat them with respect and care that is very key.


This is something new people don’t understand but it’s all about confidence. It’s an attitude that we are willing to help‚ but not give the whole bank away. It’s also about not truly needing that individual. Nothing is felt more deeply than a desperate need to get someone into your business‚ please work on that‚ it won’t help you!


We have to remember that when we get on the phone its really us interviewing them and qualifying them! I give them instructions and watch and see if they will follow up! You know there is nothing worse than chasing people to get them to do something they are not going to do. (I CAN SAY THAT BECAUSE I USED TO DO IT‚ UGHHH!)

If I give them something to do‚ they say they will but they don’t they have just disqualified themselves for my time! I don’t have time for that kind of goose-chase! This isn’t mean its business!

Time Wasters!

I have to be gentle here but there are those (I am sure you have them in your org) that they just want a virtual hug! They want someone to make them feel good‚ but they are not going to take any action because they don’t think very much of themselves and they are not ready or willing to take the steps to grow.

I have to shorten or discontinue those kinds of calls. They sap all of your energy. This is not the ones just getting started; do expect to spend some time with new people to help them get started right.


It’s important in my view to manage your time and that includes how much time you spend on the phone. With your team or prospect alike‚ give them what your expectations are‚ see if they follow through‚ don’t chase them.

Set priorities on your phone and e-mail time‚the primary ways we keep in contact!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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