Sure I Was “Passionate” About The Product

I did love it‚ I lost weight‚ I felt fantastic. There was only one problem I was running myself into the ground. I was working really hard and I didn’t have anything to show for it.

Maybe I am all wet here‚ but no matter how fantastic the product is sooner or maybe a lot later‚ you do have to start making some money. If you don’t tell me why are you really doing it?

I had to take a very serious look at where I was going. Yes I yelled at the Universe‚ I said things I regret now. I blamed everyone but me. But finally when the dust settled I had to come to the conclusion that I got myself in‚ and it was up to me to get myself out.

No I didn’t quit‚ but I took off the blinders and I took a real look at where I was going. When I did that I found out that there were things in that awesome company that was not going to help me build my dream.

I had to go looking for one that really would support that dream. Its hard when you love the product‚ but that is not enough‚ I promise you it is not.

Because in the end‚ its about creating the lifestyle for your family that you envision. If its not doing that‚ then maybe its time to really look behind the curtain.

I did and I am so glad I did.


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