Sometimes Growth feels like the Growing Pains of Youth!

I remember leg pains from my activities during the day. But there is a different kind of growing pains. Its when you realize you have to grow who you are‚ and what you think.

When I discovered that I my limiting beliefs were keeping me from my dreams that was one of the biggest eye-opener! I also discovered that TV and Radio and the Newspapers were not my friends. They foster the small-fear-based thinking. They don’t want you to win‚ they want to control!

So conventional wisdom doesn’t help because it is fear-based. Sometimes even the churches don’t help. They say the dreamer is a fool. Be practical just live prudently. Don’t expect too much.

So how does that help you? If you do that‚ what happens to the dream? It shrinks and it dies. Breaking out of those molds and all of the up-bringing isn’t real easy‚ but it is a must. You might need help with that! That is where I can help! Message me‚ and lets talk!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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