The Secret About List Building With Online Network Marketing

I Learned The Hard Way About List Building For Online Network Marketing

A while ago I talked about the supermarket approach to attraction marketing which is also another way to talk about list building for online network marketing.

As I always do I like to start out sharing a story of my own experience because I think that helps better than any long-winded dry text on List Building With Online Network Marketing! In fact I got a chance to listen to a real easy training that really teaches about list building in an easy way that anyone can do! So last night

I was on a webinar in which Diane Hochman talked about trends‚ fads and what works and doesn’t work! Now there was a time for a while when you could e-mail a big list you bought and have a pretty good chance to get sign ups or purchases through the list. Then there was the Google Ad-sense crazy‚ and the slap. Then after that there was a big slap in Youtube. There has been a pattern here if you haven’t caught it!

True List Building With Online Network Marketing Is About The Influence And Relationships!

So what does that mean? One thing it definitely doesn’t mean is the spamming that is prevalent now on most of the social networks. What I mean by that is that any kind of throwing links out there without value is just not going to create the long-term List Building With Online Network Marketing. We have to remember that we are talking about people who have really grown up and gotten a lot wiser about what that is all about. People and that is our real product want to buy but they never like to be sold! We have heard that all over the place‚ but isn’t that what we are doing when we spam our links all over the place? It doesn’t matter if we think it is valuable‚ we have not built the relationship‚ we have built the influence‚ we have not solved their problems!

Real List Building With Online Network Marketing Is About Solving Our Prospects Problems!

So what are the problems of our prospects? We hear and read a lot about how to use key-word search tools to find that out. But really if you know who your prospect is‚ if you have defined that perfect person‚ which you know you can help‚ then you must become very well educated on their problems‚ what they are always looking for!

My target audience‚ is the older “baby boomer” generation network marketer‚ who is struggling to learn how to use list building with online network marketing to build their business. I target everything I write‚ every video I produce to that person! This is the biggest key‚ then of course make sure you know what they want and need‚ what are they searching for‚ grab their eye‚ stop trying to sell them‚ and start solving their problems!


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