How You Really Build A Business!

I just have to say this

Its not about you

It was never about you

No one cares that you made money

They want to know how you did it, and they want you to show them how to do it

The moment you let the ego of your results be the focus, you loose the whole vision of it!

One of the most misunderstood things about network marketing is that we build people, (from their own dreams not ours) In their own time, not ours.

The hardest thing to do is to let people go that are not ready to grow with us!

I think a lot of people think of this as a cliche, not really relevant, just give me how to do it they say..

I used to feel that way too. But now is different. I give to my team because I care and I believe in them..

I just got off of a private hangout with one of them.. To me that is time invested into someone..

What they do with it I cannot say, some will spend the benefit to invest back into themselves and win finally, others will throw my time into the trash can and quit anyway, I cannot do anything about that..

I know I have invested myself in them, now it is up to them!

My new project is all about this, building people, its amazing how good it feels, come talk to me!

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To Your Abundant Success!!

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