Real Success What Does It Equal?

Okay let me explain that formula = how do we get comfortable?

For one thing we have to come out of the neediness‚ and start settling into a process we know occurs with every new person that we come into contact with.

First they have to come to trust us
Then they will open up and want to understand us
Then they can come to a point that they are ready to listen
Then they can come to a place where they are ready to buy‚ yes or no

Get comfortable‚ don’t think you have to give it to them on the first exposure‚ no do or die‚ but long term‚ this is my actual profession its what I do.

Get the tools‚ learn the tool‚ then use the tools.

Take action as you are taught to‚ don’t go off and do your own thing‚ its not a time of figuring it out‚ follow the leaders and teachers‚ they will help if you let them!

I love my tools they are easy and fun!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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