The Real Power of Free In You Network Marketing Advertising!

First of all we have to be clear that free doesn’t usually mean free all the time.

I have heard many ask is there a free MLM that doesn’t make you pay for an auto-shipor anything. Okay let’s examine that!

Where do you think the money to create the residual and bonuses comes from if no one is buying anything? It’s not possible!

Concept of Using The Free Offer

Most people will more likely get on your list and be in a position to learn more about what you have to offer if they start out getting something for free from you. It has to be something of perceived value.

The person doing the perceiving has to be the prospect. Most people now a days understand or are familiar with “attraction marketing” ( if not please message me) then you would know that you always want to start out with a free valuable offer.

It needs to be unique and something that is valuable and useful to the prospect. In the times before the internet‚ it May have been a sample‚ today it’s generally an e-book‚ some free tools‚ or a boot-camp.

Generally speaking the concept is that most people will expect you to give first before they will give you their contact info and allow you to continue to communicate with them and share ideas‚ and offers with them.

What I see happening quite often‚ is that people try to reverse this process and they are offering before they get permission. That is what is called spamming.

It is Generally Understood At Some Point There Is Something That Costs

I have found that sometimes people carry the FREE to an extreme. I belonged for a system for a while that gave everything away. There was never a time when it was acceptable to offer something that would cost them‚ although the owner of the system had no problem upselling!

Those of us who were part of it didn’t get to share in those profits. You are after all in business and yes that does mean there are things that you should be able to offer for sale. If you are giving value‚ then yes you are also a business person who has things to sell that are of value!

So getting back to the scenario of a free thing‚ there has to be a time when there is a product or service at a cost that is offered or it is not a profitable business‚ it can’t be. If you are truly in business you should expect that there are going to be certain costs!

The Perception of Value

When I joined my system (Better Web Builder) I reviewed it briefly‚ (as a free member) but the value was so easy to see in actually becoming a paid member that I didn’t have to be persuaded! Its value was obvious to me!

If you have something that your prospects will find valuable it will be that way for them. You will not find yourself doing any persuasion but merely a walk-through like I do every day. It’s like if you are already sold on a new house or car‚ you simply have to be guided on what the beginning steps to take are!

When a successful marketer shares something free‚ then they have no problem offering for cost value to people. If your perception is that what you have both in what you represent and who you are‚ is of great value then you are completely congruent with it.

The Price Is RIGHT!

I used to love that show! But to put it into context with our subject‚ price generally isn’t as much the issue as the value of what you offer. Does it solve the problem of your prospect? It must actually solve their problem‚ and then price is relative!


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