Be Prepared Before You Go To “No Excuses!”

I am about to board a plane to No Excuses Summit this morning. I just wanted to get this off to you because its just that important.

Take a moment to share! And if you didn’t get to go to the live event‚ there is still time to participate through the Live Steam Event! In order to have the best possible experience it is very important to prepare and plan so that it is what you wanted it to be.

Many times I have gone off without everything I needed then had to go looking for it in the gift shop‚ ugh‚ not a good plan! So take it from me don’t expect to find it there unless you want to set yourself up for frustration!

Things To Remember!

  1. Note pads and pens:  I use a journal specifically for the event. Make sure to date it – When you get back from the event‚ it is wise to review and implement what you have learned‚ but later on – much later‚ you will review again‚ and if not dated‚ it will be difficult to know what it was and what it was about.
  2. Camera and correct batteries: It can be very frustrating indeed to go hunting for a drug store‚ and sometimes there just isn’t time! You will pay a premium price for these things in the hotel gift shop.
  3. Remember the 4 oz rule: When carrying on liquids there is a pretty strict rule for anything that you have in personal items‚ so make sure they are less than 4 oz. I have actually watched the people dump all of my products in the trash bin because I had items that were more than that.
  4. Laptop in a place easy to remove: They require that you have a laptop out in the bin to go through security‚ so have it where it’s easy to remove from the case.
  5. Business Cards: I have forgotten mine before so make sure you have them so you can easily exchange with people and of course it’s about getting their info so you can follow up!
  6. Video Camera! Think ahead of things you might be able to turn into team training‚or even a product to sell later! Interviews with leaders are great!
  7. Cell Phone: Have numbers already plugged in of team members cells‚ leaders‚and the transportation numbers you will need such as the shuttle service‚ and hotel‚the reservation line of your airline.
  8. Dress For Success: Even though it would feel good to wear ultra-casual remember you will be meeting both your upline and your downline for the first time! Dress your best in your personality. I remember being rather under impressed by one leader that wore sloppy sweats to the main event.
  9. Refrain from being up too late night before: It’s easy to get excited and keep doing things but you can wear yourself out and not enjoy the whole trip.
  10. Relax and enjoy: It’s not just a physical journey but a journey into new things you are going to learn about yourself and your company!

You Home Work Make sure you are truly prepared to go! Many have failed because they didn’t have a good system to help them win‚ that is why I always offer you this lead generation system to help you win! And I tell you if I were you and couldn’t go I would be taking advantage of this!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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