How Positive Self-Talk Will Improve Your Network Marketing Business!

What is self-talk?

Do you find yourself telling yourself you can’t do something? Do you find yourself explaining to yourself and others why you cannot do something? Is this a recurring theme with you?

You’re putting yourself down in what might seem like small ways. However‚ the truth is that negative self-talk is extremely harmful. Whether you know it or not you are talking to yourself.

It May sound like you mother or father or other authority figure in your life‚ but it’s always there whether you are aware of it or not! It’s usually in the form of questions‚ and most of the time is negative unless you have re-programmed yourself to talk in a positive supportive vain.

“I can’t do that!”

“I can’t afford that!”

“That was a dumb thing that I did!”

Well you get the idea! Here is how you know if you are doing that. How are you feeling? Do you feel discouraged and stuck?

Do you feel blue for no apparent reason? Often it’s because your self-talk is coming into direct conflict with your dreams.

Do you realize sometimes when you think you are focused on what you want‚ in fact…the opposite maybe true?

Even if you manage to sound positive while smiling and moving your mouth as you utter your“positive thoughts”‚ doesn’t exactly mean you’re “sending out” those positive thoughts.

It depends on the emotion your “feeling” at the time. Not only do you need to focus on your positive thoughts‚ you need to focus on having positive emotions as well.

Become Aware!

The best way to start correcting these negative thoughts is to be conscious of them when they happen. It’s about creating a new thought-pattern to replace the old.

Any self-talk pattern becomes a habit‚ a recording playing automatically. First step is to start listening to what you are saying to yourself‚ and especially how you represent yourself to others.

Do you find yourself doing small put-downs about yourself? Sometimes it also helps to ask others what they hear you say about yourself‚ someone that you trust that will give you the truth.

What have we observed from others that makes us follow the same pattern? Most of this has come up from our earliest childhood. What traditions in your family life have had a negative impact on you.

What things do you believe today‚ because of things you were brought up with that are no longer serving you today?

Catch Yourself In The Act!

Its very important to start catching yourself doing it. Then record it in a journal that helped me a lot. Once I started to do that‚ I could replace that negative self-talk with positive supportiveself-talk.

If you can catch it as it is happening you can talk yourself through better self-talk while it is fresh in your mind.

When you begin to retrain yourself with positive talk you will start to see the results. You will be feeling better about yourself! You will start to notice that others have a different attitude towards you!

How Positive Self-Talk Will Improve Your Network Marketing Business!

The major thing that will happen pretty quickly is going to be a new confidence. This will start to allow you to attract positive and confident leaders into your own business.

And I know that is what you are looking for! When you actually become aware and change those old negativeself-talk programs you will find it to be one of the ways to become more prosperous!

Carefully select the words you use for yourself‚ experiment and find the ones that make you feel good. Discard all the old stuff that makes you stay in your poor broke mind-set!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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