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I had an experience this morning that was interesting. I got one of those chat windows where they just throw the link in there. I asked him to tell me why he thought I was interested since he didn’t ask me whether I wanted it.

He got defensive‚ but the point I was making is that when we just throw a link at someone we are no better than a commercial.

People are defensive and a lot of the time even angry when someone does that. Its really important to keep in mind that its about listening to the market place which we sometimes forget is filled with real human beings with wants and needs.

If we truly stop making it about our need and make it about their wants and needs‚ and we actually take the time to ask questions that show we care‚ we have a much better chance of actually filling our own need of creating the business we want.

I know this because I have been in business and have learned both the “wrong”and the “right” way.

So for education purposes‚ lets define pitching! that is when someone immediately goes into a speal‚ or a sales pitch even if it is in a chat window or on an e-mail‚ we are talking the same thing.

Our purpose is to get our deal in front of the person with little or no regard for whether he wants it or not. I would venture to guess that although there May be clicks on the link‚ there is a very low return in this approach because they have done nothing to establish trust with the customer.

They also have not found out if this person even has a need for our service. So no attempt is made to find out what they want or need.

I for one am not impressed with those approaches. I might add that they now have automated voice messages that dial you up‚ again same thing‚ you can’t communicate with a recording‚so my reaction is to not even listen to the message.

That is still a pitch‚ not a concerted effort to find out what that person’s need is and then fill it.


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