Network Marketing Video Marketing That Sells!

Video Marketing is the hottest thing now‚ everyone is jumping in. Some are killing it but others are still struggling with it. What makes one video go to the most popular on Youtube and other sites‚ and others are virtually ignored? Well I wanted to know that too. I saw the writing on the wall about 3 years ago. One of the thing I did early on is to get into a 90-day Video challenge. It was all about getting massive exposure and you can bet‚ that as I had not done it before I made plenty of mistakes.

Here though are some basic things you can do  right away to make your Network Marketing Video Marketingbetter:


  • Always check your environment‚ are there distracting things in the background?
  • Your appearance‚ while we don’t have to be movie stars‚ it does pay to do a camera check‚ and see what you look like‚ is there something weird going on with your hair‚ is there food on your teeth?
  • Dress as those of your target market would expect you to (I.E. you wouldn’t dress as a car salesman if you normally don’t dress that way)
  • Make your background congruent with what you are talking about‚ if you are talking about a bike ride‚ don’t do your video in your living room.

Be Yourself

  • I know that you hear this all the time‚ but it is extremely important here
  • No extremes‚ not super hypy stuff‚ be your normal you
  • Don’t try to be perfect‚ now if you want to drive yourself really crazy its when you think being perfect is part of the equation!
  • Imagine being in conversation with a good friend‚ conversational and telling stories always works best
  • Relax!

Give Value

  • It is not about your company or product that comes later
  • Remember they are asking “what is in it for me?”
  • They are also asking “Can you help me?”
  • People hate to be sold but they love to buy

Hope That Gives You Clarity On Your Network Marketing Video Marketing

Big and most important thing that I hope that you get from this is that people will “buy you”when you let your authentic you come shinning through whatever the message that you May share! That is when your Network Marketing Video Marketing begins to shine!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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