My Network Marketing Success Keys For The Beginner

Seeking MLM Success

It used to be that there were lots of choices and you could be picky about what you did for a living. Now as the economy continues to struggle to recover‚ more and more people are looking into MLM opportunities as a means to either augment or replace their lost incomes especially now.

I don’t mean that MLM is the bottom of the barrel‚ quite the contrary. Many people that were quite secure in their chosen profession are now thinking outside of the box and looking for a new way to create the income they used to take for granted. If that is you‚ here is some key points that will be important to take into consideration.

  1. Statistics point out that around 95% May never make any money
  2. Many people believe they can make “instant” money
  3. Many people come with knowledge in other areas but with no workable knowledge in MLM
  4. Unfortunately many people have some false expectations about MLM
  5. Many people have heard war-stories and believe them
  6. Many have never done anything like it and they are afraid of selling

So lets talk about those points and help to educate you on them and create their MLM Success

  1. 95% of business as a whole fail this is not just MLM‚ its really important to take into consideration that there is a serious learning curve ̵’; anywhere from 3–6 months and sometimes even 1 year. You will be making money‚ but don’t quit your day job.
  2. Lets face it‚ where is there anything that gives you instant money? If its real it is going to take a certain amount of effort to produce income. Here is something to compare though‚ in a job you must always trade your time and your sweat for money. When you are not there working you don’t get paid. In network marketing‚ you work hard for a few years at the beginning with smaller compensation‚ but later get to go and do things and take off big amounts of time and the money keeps coming!
  3. No workable knowledge. Even if someone has gone to college and has a marketing degree‚ he May or May not be able to apply what he has learned to network marketing. It is a totally unique animal!
  4. Unrealistic expectations again go back to believing‚ (falsely) that they will earn some really incredible income with very minimal effort. If you are given that promise‚ turn the other way and run‚ its a scam!
  5. Lets address that ugly word — Scam. or ponzy scheme is something in which there is no real product and you are being convinced to mail your money to someone‚ without there being a real business attached. There are many out there you can find them. A legitimate network marketing company has to follow very serious laws and regulations to function‚ they have to go through a legal process to be incorporated. Google them on the internet before you start with them‚ and when you talk to people ask about what you find out.
  6. Okay that is really a myth. Selling in the traditional sense is not how we do it‚ at least not how I do it. I build a relationship and I find out what their need is then I ask them if they would like to do something about it. But this isn’t about techniques. We all have our own biases about salesmen‚ especially pushy salesmen. Don’t worry‚ you don’t want to ever be that kind of salesman with this or with anything else.

There are some major questions that everyone when they get started want answered and these are a few of them.

  1. Is there a market for the product or service?
  2. How old is the business‚ if its less than 2 years there are no guarantees?
  3. Can I make money?
  4. How do I do it?
  5. Will you be there to help me?
  6. Can I do it part-time?
  7. Is the company opportunity “economy” friendly?
  8. Is it affordable to do?
  9. Do I have to hire a lawyer to understand the contract?
  10. Is the system complete?

To Your Abundant Success!!

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