Self-Esteem — Why Its An Important Element In Network Marketing!

Have You done this? Have you tied your self-esteem into your results? Big mistake! I know I have done it‚ I start to measure my progress with who I am! Well‚ is that who I am?

No of course not. But if you start to believe that then yes it will affect your self-esteem. I have spent many years doing it the wrong way!

So think about this: If Joe decides not to get into your network marketing business‚ how does that mean anything except he made a decision that its not for him.

Start To Look At What Is Going On Inside! 

Okay so now its regroup and re-program time. First of all Say this to yourself:

“I AM OKAY THE WAY I AM! Wow‚ that feels good I think I will say that again. I AM OKAY THE WAY I AM. In fact‚ I AM GREAT THE WAY I AM!”

I do have a business‚ and its not going to make or break who I am! Network marketing is challenging because it does make you question everything which brings us to the next point. Being part of a Mastermind is key in bringing yourself to a point of growing and building who you are. You must be with people that have the same mind-set that you wish to adopt!

Find The Dis-empowering Programming and Re-tool‚ Re-program!

Old Programming? What is that? (voices from the past‚ including your own). They need to be swept away‚ and replaced. Easier said than done‚ but well worth it!

Now here is the kicker I found‚ those old voices come back‚ like flies in the fall. You know the kind‚ the ones that go for your eyes‚ no matter how many times you wave them away!

You must have something to replace those nasty little amazingly annoying (flies) thoughts with. Something new which you will come to believe.

That is why I believe that the  Mastermind  is an essential part of the process. Who are you with the majority of the time? Do they encourage or empower your or do they discourage and belittle what you want to do?

About Goals

Setting goals are great‚ but those are usually short term. Long-term is to build up yourself‚creating the confidence that is unshakable‚ unstoppable. How do we do that? You must come up with your own thought pattern.

The books give you the starting ground‚ they usually give you exercises. Do those exercises‚I can’t emphasize that enough. “Oh that would be so silly‚ and hokey!”

Okay‚ but has change happened‚ “well‚ no I am still where I was last time.” So what is yourself-talk? (“You can’t do that”) or other such things!

Now how far is that going to get you? Better yet it usually sounds like your  mother‚ your husband or someone else in your life‚ even if they didn’t voice that out loud!

Where you are presently‚ you arrived by the point of what you thought and where those thoughts lead you. Recognize that you must be able to make transitions and change your thinking!

Are you struggling with those kinds of issues in your life?


To Your Abundant Success!!

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