Must Constantly Be Widening And Growing The Network

I once was led to believe that if I kept my relationships small and just my own company group I could safely create my life.

I now know that in order to really make a difference I must be constantly widening my network and reaching out to new people. I have so much to share‚ I must be willing to open up to many new people. It is only then that I start to realize my greatness!

Maybe there are others that felt that way. Afraid to learn from others outside of their company. Maybe even being told to stay away from others in other companies?

I have found that really it was a fear of loss on our sponsors side! Because every opportunity has its high and low points‚ and that doesn’t mean what you have actually is the best one.

I also found I can be secure in my business and still go outside of my group for additional help!


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