In MLM Just As In Horse racing You Bet On Yourself First!

Betting On Yourself When No One Else Sees the Vision!

Pictured to the side is Penny Tweedy (Chenery). Proud owner of the famous racehorse Secretariat.

Most don’t know very much about Penny‚and what she was about. She was a typical housewife of a lawyer‚ with a growing and demanding family‚ residing in Denver‚ CO‚ when she found out by telephone call that her mother died.

Penny had to make a decision when that happened‚ and the one she chose was against convention‚ and against all of the advise of her family. Her father though sick was still alive. He could have been sent to a nursing home‚ maybe not really know‚ but she would know.

Taking a Risk Sometimes Without Anything Else To Go On But Your Gut!

Besides there was a gut feeling inside she couldn’t shake‚ because as she went over the papers of the breeding lines‚ of the two mares now pregnant‚ she knew‚ just gut at that point that she had a winner in one of those colts.

She was the only one who believed. Her brother and her husband urged her to sell the horses and the farm to make up for the six million inheritance tax that would be due.

But against their wishes and advise she went fora daring move in the totally different direction. She bucked the male-dominated world of horse-racing‚ she took her “lost colt’‚ after the coin toss. And she made him the greatest winner the world would ever know.

How To Be In The Winner’s Circle

One thing Penny proved without a shadow of a doubt in her life is that you can do almost anything if your belief is strong enough. If you are willing to stand there even alone against the world and say yes this is my dream and I will go for it with all that I have inside of me!

I believe in that spirit of belief. I know that if the dream is big enough people can do anything. I have taken that same challenge in my life. I know how to help others do that too. Because I have been that “Penny” in my own life.

Because your whole life is a race‚ and the only person you can really bet on is yourself! When you start truly betting on yourself not letting anyone else’s opinion form your belief something changes inside.

Your vision grows‚ and you as a person grows. Then a funny thing happens‚ those who would doubt start to look for you to guide them because they need to believe.

We live in a difficult time‚ but we don’t have to be defeated. Some of the greatest things have happened in these kind of times. I don’t choose to let anyone tell me what I can’t do‚ including my loved ones.

Sometimes that is truly what it takes. There is no other who knows your heart like you do. Will you be the one that believes with all your heart even against great odds? Are you one of those that just needs the right horse to ride?

Yes it could be a simple as that. I struggled for years before I found it‚ and I will only share it with those who are hungry enough to go against those odds. It isn’t always easy but it is worth it!

I believe in you! I am not stamped out of someone else’s mold. That is why I am uniquely qualified to be the coach you are looking for. See below for how to work with me!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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