What Makes Live The Dream And No Excuses The Ultimate Must Attend MLM Events Of The Year?!


Why are live events important?

Today no video sorry guys but I knew I had to get this out quickly. You need this because you are being left in the dust! I have to give you the truth: because I can say from personal experience that is where I was.

I was absolutely clueless about how all of this works!

Now I bet you are hoping that I am going to give you a play by play here about what went on in both of those events! Sorry that is really totally impossible.

The Electricity

How do you even begin to describe it in words and I have just come off of the Live the Dream event in Orlando‚ Florida. How do you explain to someone who has never experienced it? It is not just hype it is not sales of products that gets people off of their chairs and ready to rock and build a huge business.

It is not even just the mere attending that does it either. Because I can tell you‚ I have seen people with their arms folded and they just don’t buy it. What is it then that not only draws a huge following to these events but also an all-star cast of the biggest movers and shakers of the whole industry? It is not just because people respect the people that put them on‚ but of course they do.

There is something really electric about being with those people‚ talking with them‚ JVing with them‚ counseling with them‚ taking pictures with them‚ listening to them sharing their stories. When you hear where they came from and where they are now‚ just a little seed of faith begins to grow‚ “maybe I can do that too. Maybe I can be that person up there telling my story.” You start to see the possibilities…

The Learning

You have to understand something here‚ there is no webinar‚ or series of webinar that will help you get this.

The major thing that happens is what is called experiencial. It is actually being inside of it and being able to see yourself doing it‚ and often doing it right along-side of those people who have already paved the way. Yes you could go out and create it from scratch‚ but why?

Network Marketing Is Changing

And you must be willing to change with it. While its great to do the old-school‚ and most do recommend it‚ the internet is changing everything. In case you didn’t really get the memo‚ we have entered a new era call the information age. It is no longer about Industry‚ that world is dying.

That is why so many big companies that have been around forever are now gone. Its not about the mega shopping mall either. That is also dead. So with all of those changes happening‚ it should not be a big surprise that Network Marketing needs to change with it.

You can tell because even the ones who have always done old-schooloff-line stuff‚ are embracing the new-age information era and using the internet to build even bigger.

You Either Compete Or You Join

So here we are talking about a live event‚ when the internet is king?

Yes because in live events you have a chance to make connections that you just would not be able to in just a webinar or Facebook.

While the online tools are great‚ what is really happening is a blending of the two.

Using the phone is still key‚ getting together in person‚ when possible is still a tool to use. That combined with conference calls and webinars‚ and social media creates an all-aroundcomplete tool box!

Live Training

While again these Venues generally give you a synopsis and it is necessary to get the complete package. It is also a time to decide who you connect with of those who have made it and have something to share. You will not connect with all of them. Some of them might even turn you off. But you will find the ones that you resonate with and you know they will have what it is you need to take yourself and your team to the next level. And that is why I get to those events!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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