How To Make M$o$n$e$y Your Problems Smaller!

Amazingly life has never really gotten less complicated..

What has happened is my abilities to change my circumstances despite those complications..

You see.. your problems can either be bigger than you or smaller than you..

You alone decide what they are..

The victim sees himself as always smaller than all of his problems..

The winner always sees himself bigger than his problems..

When you see yourself bigger than your problems.. you believe that there are solutions!

When you see that you could have solutions.. then you seek them out!

The victim spends all of his time complaining about his problems..

The winner is actively seeking solutions!

That is why a winner is usually happy, not because he always has a perfect life, but he is seriously working towards a solution!

And you might be saying what does this have to do with the money?
Absolutely everything!
Lynda Cromar 

To Your Abundant Success!!

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