This Page Is Where I Will Share What I Use And Recommend. It Will Change Sometimes.

I am an entrepreneur first. I am then a teacher and trainer.

I long ago came to realize that it is important to use systems rather than be in a system that leverages me!

I stopped using most programs that only charge and do not give a person the ability to be compensated for using and sharing their product.


Below is image links and explanations..

There is nothing on the page here that I do not personally use.

I only recommend things I have used.

I do get compensated for anything you may purchase here, that is called free enterprise!

I have used and recommended Power Lead System since 2014. If you click the link image above I have a video with a tour and why I use it.

If you are tired of losing your leads and prospects to other companies, and are ready to start building your own unique list click the image.

I went looking for an affordable and friendly autoresponder I found so much more than that!

If you have a blog and want to turn the hosting into an asset then you want to learn more. Click the picture above to learn more.

Learn About Making Money With GVO Hosting

I believe it is important to bring value to all who come here. I hope you will find value even if you do not buy.

I have a lot to share. To me its not about money first. Of course I like money but what good is a one time sale?

I want to make long-term relationships. So it is more important to me to build that long-term relationship with you.

Feel free to visit my blog often, Do consider clicking the link below and get on my list!