When Your Light Shines Brightly

Its easy to feel like all around us is darkness.

There is much to feel pessimistic about..

If we can but find our own light‚ and shine it brightly

We can eventually dissolve the darkness…

When light enters a dark place the darkness retreats it cannot stay

Darkness does not have that same power

Darkness can only rob light of its light by the light’s permission

So be the light that banishes the darkness..

And this is true in all things‚ not just on a spiritual plane

Think in business also you must use your light‚ rather than give into darkness

Remember the principles that are true no matter where you are…

Truth‚ Honesty‚ Integrity‚ Service‚ Love will be the attributes of Light

They are universal no matter what your beliefs are!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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