Learning Those Tools Is Part Of The Path To Success!

MLM Network Marketing Requires A Certain Set Of “Tools Of The Trade”‚ Learning Those Tools Is Part Of The Path To Success!


I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other‚ and how they can achieve the kind of freedoms that they’re interested in. Bill Gates

First of All What Do I Mean‚ Tools of The Trade?

Okay lets take a lumberjack. He has a quota to meet‚ so many trees‚ he is going to get paid by the tree.

But the tool he has been given is a small house hold hammer. Now hes strong‚hes going to give it all hes got‚ but how many trees is he going to take down with a hammer?

Even if he used the claw side? Not many right?

Okay next thing hes comes into the Mercantile and says this hammer is not working for me‚I am tearing myself up but I have not taken down a single tree‚ the proprietor say‚ “I have just the thing for you!”

He gets his best chain-saw and gives it to the lumberjack‚ but there are no instructions.

Now about a day later the lumberjack comes back discouraged‚ bleeding‚ and sweaty. “This doesn’t work!” he literally shouts‚ very very upset.

The proprietor takes it from him and pulls the chain‚ the chain-saw fires up belches smoke and the lumberjack jumps back startled. “Wow‚ I didn’t know it could do that.”

Why do I tell this story?

Because many network marketing guru’s give you tools‚ but they don’t give you the instructions. They assume you know how to use them.

They assume that you are going to tear it up‚ without any training. They throw a few videos or e-books out there‚ but there is no instruction manual! No wonder you fail!

Here is another illustration:
“I have this great product‚ I have this great website‚ its only “blah‚ blah‚ blah.”  What is wrong with this picture?
This is someone trying to do the business with either no tools or the wrong tools. He isn’t trained. The opportunity May be great‚ but he doesn’t know how to get his message out there.
Very soon he will quit‚ he will assume he did something wrong‚ when in reality‚ he didn’t have the right tools.
So what is the right tools? One of them is to talk like they think‚ to Leverage Your Way Into Peoples Heads
People see in pictures. When I say “pink elephant” … you see a pink elephant in your mind. I could describe it‚ big trunk‚ big ears‚ 4 legs‚ long tail. I could try to explain it to you. But as soon as I say “pink elephant”‚ you see that word picture.
If we cut your brain open‚ we wouldn’t see the word e-l-e-p-h-a-n-t in your mind. Instead‚ we’d see a picture of this pink elephant. How about the name‚ “Marilyn Monroe”?
When you say that to a baby boomer‚ most will picture a blonde-headed lady in a white dress‚standing over a subway cover‚ and the subway underneath is blowing her dress up‚ showing her beautiful legs.
If we cut your brain open‚ we’d see that picture of Marilyn. You’ve got to tell your story in pictures. That is what’s real‚ what gets people’s juices flowing.
And the more time you spend actually talking to people about this business‚ the more stories you will have to tell others.
I strongly recommend that you keep a daily diary of your “events of the day‚” where you record a few notes of the stories you’ve heard that day‚ as you talk with prospects‚ friends‚& family.
As you think through these stories‚ consider what points they illustrate … because these stories give you a way to leverage yourself into people’s heads.

And that is priceless.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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