Just That Little Extra Ounce Of Belief

I have done it both ways‚ I have done things just to do them and I have done things with a lot of belief. So I can tell you that results are not equal. Its really great to have techniques and the right ones are very important of course.

But here is something that I have found that is a bit of a phenomenon with Network Marketing: When you do it with just the mechanics but no belief you are just not going to get the same results as when you do it with full faith.

Now here is the funny thing about faith. Its not faith if you already know its going to happen. It is only faith when you have no evidence yet. But there is this thing that happens in our brain! If we make it real‚ and we create pictures of it‚ and then we take the appropriate action we will see the results.


Here is another thing: We can’t just say well it has to happen in a real tiny time table. Because it just might take more time. I believe in the slight edge‚ its about taking the positive little actions or Jeff Olson calls it disciplines every day on a consistent basis‚ and then we work on ourselves from the inside out. Over time we start to see that we are not the same‚and we have created something amazing.

Where I started

When I first came online now almost 5 years ago‚ I struggled for a long time. I did a lot of things the wrong way! I can laugh now‚ but it was so frustrating! But what was really happening is that I was being prepared. I know how to help people because of that.

And another thing‚ I can be more sympathetic and patient! I can care more! I was not strong in those things before‚ I can promise you. I can honestly say I was a bit selfish‚ because I was so upset about my situation.

So the reason why I am telling you this is I had to learn from the ground up about faith in myself‚ faith in my business‚ and faith in my upline. Sometimes things happened that were hard‚ but along the way‚ I got stronger.

I had to make a choice let my situation take me totally down‚ or decide to rise above it. How can this help you? No matter what you are doing now‚ you have to start from the ground up‚you have to start building that core of belief in yourself.

Because I can promise you that is the key to all of the rest. You May not actually have anyone helping you believe in you‚ it May only be you. I know about that. Don’t let those negative voices have a hey day in your head. This Network Marketing thing really is a MIND GAME!



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