In Network Marketing Its About Quality and Good Customer Service

In MLM Its Not Going To Be About Quantity (Leads and capture pages) Its going to be about QUALITY – Good Customer Service


How A Big Local Company Taught Me

About How The Importance Of Good Customer Service Can Make Or Break Your Business

And Yes it applies to MLM

Two stories that happened over the holidays:
My son has had Comcast TV for 4 years. Its one of the things he loves to do watch tv. He is handicapped and in all of those 4 years‚ he has been very predicatable‚ and he is very particular what he watches.

He loves science fiction and horror. Its like all he watches. He also does video games. His favorite is Starwars‚ then comes Star Trek‚ he loves the Elm Street Horror (Freddie Crooger) so you get the picture.

He always followed the very same pattern.

Suddenly he had a bill of almost $400‚ which we found out was adult material. Totally off from what he watched before. I could trace it directly to a period of time that an unsavory relative was staying with him.

We found this same person did other things that eventually got him evicted. We sent him back to where he came from. Those viewings of adult material stopped right before he left‚and was not repeated afterwards. So it stands to reason that it was him not my son watching those movies.

The pattern returned to what it was previously.

The company insisted we were responsible. We closed the account‚ and yes we will have to pay for those viewings anyway. The issue is not whether we will be responsible‚ (we own the account) So the bill will be paid by us. But who really lost in that deal? We went on to get an alternative that gave my son his love of the tv he likes science fiction and horror.

The big company lost our account‚ forever.

We will not go back. (I hope you are following how you can apply this to your business)

Chapter two:

That big company is Comcast‚ it has become a very big company and has lost track of  what is really is important.

They can be right and they will actually loose‚ or they can build rapport and excellent customer service‚ and will win‚ much more than recovering a measly $400. In the long run‚why did it matter that they were right?

Yes‚ there are people who regularly steal services‚ but in this instance‚ it could have been a way to show something more valuable. How can we keep you as a customer‚ in that they failed!

I went in yesterday to return their equipment‚ because even though I was a long standing loyal customer‚ they no longer had my best (the customer) interests in mind. It was more about quantity and about getting the most dollars out of each customer.

I started out being angry because of the situation with my son‚ but another company found ways to save me money so I changed to their company.

I have been a customer of Comcast for more than 20 years! In the end though‚ a good customer service person from DSL Quest‚ helped me save money for both my son and myself‚ and they helped me solve two problems‚ so I changed. So here I was in this huge line‚ it took nearly an hour to get into the booth and do this quick thing‚ cancel my service and turn in the equipment.

Many that were standing in line were doing the same thing. I saw at least 15 of the maybe 30 people holding equipment while they waited in line!

Granted some were exchanging‚ but many were closing their service! Here is another reason…. I would have done it sooner

But the day I went during the Christmas week‚ they purposely opened late (at least 15 minutes late) leaving 26 people standing in the cold waiting for them to open the door. I had arrived early and had a parking spot right in front.

I choose to sit in the car to wait‚ (listening to some personal development) I wasn’t getting steamed for myself but definitely disgusted at their total lack of concern for their customers waiting in the cold. I could see at least 6 people inside‚ slowly and not in a hurry to get their systems up‚ or whatever it was they were doing‚ a lot of fun going on‚ not sure it was all business.

Another lesson here‚ make sure we are not making our personal desire come before helping others.

When we are in the business of helping others‚ that must be our first concern! What does this have to do with MLM Network Marketing?

Here is the ah‚ ha‚ I hope that you got today: Are we more interested in getting people on the list‚ and not taking care of those people seeing to it their actual needs are being met (Good Customer Service‚) or are we more interested in seeing to it that we throw lots of offers to them (Via the Leads capture page) so we can get paid (like the example

I just sited) Is it more important to be right‚ or is it more important to help and solve the problems of our customers‚ (and distributors)? Our business is not so exclusive that we can take that chance!

There are thousands of possibilities out there for people to click on.

There are offers coming at them from every angle. And everyone would have you believe that its
about being the shiniest gadget so you get their attention! You do understand don’t you that you May have also become a victim of a philosophy that doesn’t work..especially in the long run?

How do we get and keep the loyalty of our customers? As I said above‚ I had been a loyal customer of Comcast for over 20 years. But in the end‚ I was in that line that day‚thinking to myself‚ I won’t have to waste my time like this again with them.

When I got up to the counter‚ there was no attempt to keep me‚ no concerned (Customer Service) agent looking to solve the problem and perhaps keep me. It was only about efficiency.

Get this one done‚ so I can take the next one. So I can’t blame it all on that one agent‚ but a system. So here we are‚ how do we change that and help people.

So why am I telling you this story today?

We want customers‚ do we want their loyalty? Maybe our being right is not the most important thing. Maybe even being efficient is not. The agents were real good‚ but it didn’t keep me as a customer!

Where were the people that said how can we make it better for you. Where was the concern‚none at all. We can learn from this so we give our customers the care they expect and deserve. Because lets be honest‚ if we don’t we will loose them‚ so that is the lesson I learned from a big company that thinks they don’t have to make that kind of effort anymore! T

hat is why I do what I do. Yes I am building a business‚ but along the way I also want to keep the loyalty of my customers. Because… that really is the bottom line.. giving quality and solving their problems‚ then loyalty is not a problem for me… how about you? 


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