There is no greater level and form of belief than believing in yourself.
Darren L. Johnson

This would be a key reason that many people don’t get to the success level they dream of. They don’t believe they can really accomplish it. They beat themselves every time they don’t get there.

In fact if they were to analyze the voice it would sound like their mother‚ father or another relative that said those things to them‚ so even when that person isn’t around‚ they play those tapes over and over again.

Jim Rohn‚ talked about errors in judgement‚ or small disciplines. Taking small steps either in the right direction or the wrong one. Change can happen any time that we decide to do it. Yes as simple as that. I know because I have done it. I had a mother that was constantly putting me down. I won’t go into a negative rant here :).

The point is that I got a hold of myself and I started to replace each and everyone of those negative self-talks with positive‚ as simple as one at a time. And you can too. Now when it comes to Network Marketing that is especially critical to your success. Even the most talented marketer can loose the game if that is what is going on inside.

I hooked up with the most positive people I could find‚ and I let them be my promoters. They believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I stayed close to them‚ I let them coach me (notice the word let) because many people really don’t let it in‚ they think they know better‚ and they go on doing the things that have led them to failure.

I have learned that my failure in network marketing was due to even “coaches” that fed me some negative stuff as well.

“Why can’t you do it‚ it works for me?”

“Must be your attitude‚ whats going on inside that you can’t get new distributors?” “These are the same leads I use‚ must be you.”

Hmmm so I bought it‚ and it wasn’t true‚ know why I know now‚ It literally turned my life around and my network success and it can for you‚ if you let it!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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