How To Grow A Team!

I have learned so many different ways and I am sure many have merit.

But just as there is team-work in a family‚ or nothing gets done‚ there has to be a team working this business.

No man is an island‚ there are things that some do better than others. We pool our efforts.

This pictures is of my sisters and I and my young daughter as a baby.

We had to be a team as we grew up‚ as we had a mother that worked and non-existent dad. I being the oldest often got the job of running it and planning it‚ the others needed to help.

Some had to just be cared for. That is true also in a MLM business‚ there are those who are good at running the meeting‚ others that can do the small things that make it a success‚ but its always a team effort.

I have found that it takes a team and it takes a system. A system that can be duplicated and is simple.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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