Hey Is Anybody Out There‚ Can You Hear Me‚ Hello?

That was my cry. I was looking desperately for help. I wasn’t always really listening‚ my cry was there plain as the nose on my face. It didn’t feel like anyone was completely listening. Just get in my deal‚ get in my deal‚ come here come there!

Then when I heard about online marketing‚ my first thought‚ I admit it was just another way to get me in their deal. Well when after more than a month of being involved I didn’t get one of those pitches it got me really curious. Why weren’t they trying to get me into their deal. Maybe they are really real! Wow was that an eye-opener.

You see when you get a real Mentor‚ it takes a while before you find out that its real. That they really care. Now I know how to do that for others‚ isn’t that cool? Because in the end‚ its not about me‚ its about you. If you are happy in what you have‚ a sales job isn’t going to convince you to change‚ its going to make you run the other way.

Myself I am not a sales person‚ nor do I want to become a pushy sales person. I have to work at being nice to the ones who catch me on the phone. I don’t want to take the time to listen to their pitch! So that is why I am always promoting Mentoring For Free its really about you and your success‚ not about me pitching my deal. Its a win/win.

So if you have all the people you could possibly talk to great‚ if you don’t then why not start changing that today? 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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