Some Great Things May Need To Come To An End‚ Or At Least Change!

Hi all‚ I love blogging and teaching new things. I have realized though that this blog has gotten a little unfocused.

I had intended it to be mostly about MLM tools‚ skills and training and most importantly about showing you that its a good place to get mentoring help.

Many people have come here only to leave a link about what they have to offer‚ that is not what this is about and if someone does that‚ it will not be allowed to publish. Sorry if you don’t like that but this is a community.

With that said I have a favor to ask‚ those that really like this blog and want me to continue‚I would like to ask something of you. I have been giving you extraordinary value‚ with virtually no strings attached.

I have not pitched any deal or asked you to buy anything‚ although most assuredly I do have things I could do that with. So here goes:

1. Please post a comment about the blog post‚ I like it if you like it‚ its okay if you don’t. The thing I don’t appreciate is something totally not relevant. You see I am a serious blogger‚and I take the time to think out what I post.

Wouldn’t you agree that taking the time to think about what you say in a comment might be worth taking some time with as well. I consider just leaving your link‚ or a comment about your product to be spam. And I am sure if I visited your blog and did that you wouldn’t appreciate it either.

2. I am a serious mentor‚ and at all blog posts is a link to take advantage of services I offer‚ if you want those services‚ take the time to read about them‚ don’t just comment that you want them. And most especially don’t leave a request for me to contact you. If you want me to contact you‚ I have a contact form‚ or phone number‚ I don’t hide it.

3. For those who really like my more personal development and health related posts they are going to happen in a new place‚ I would love for you to give me the same loyalty there. That’s it‚ a few rules to make this a safe and enjoyable place for everyone to visit.


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