Excuses Are The Same As Failures

This May be a bit of an OUCH!

Stay with me here..

When you are looking for excuses then you are failing..

When you are successful there are no reasons for excuses..

Remember anything that you argue for you get..

Its all about attraction..

Remember when you wanted a certain car.. suddenly you saw them everywhere?

Same with problems and excuses..

We can stay in the problems and make excuses..

Or we can reach beyond the spot we are in and see where we want to be..

Its a matter of stopping the words that keep us stuck

And its not magic..

And its not going to happen over night

When we open up to possibilities instead of excuses we open up to more..

“I May not have the money right now.. I am watching for the opportunity to do it!

“There is a way and I will find it”

“I am going to do it.. the way is coming and I am open to it”


When someone says they don’t have the money..

I suggest to them:

“How can I find the money?”

I can’t and I don’t close the mind..


To Your Abundant Success!!

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