Everything In Life Has Its Ups And Downs

Everything in life has its ups and downs..

My aunt told me one day when she was helping by getting me to the doctor that “Life is not a bed of roses” because I was complaining about being sick..

We are not promised everything is going to be perfect‚ but if we stay close to our God we can be guided..

And it can be as simple as saying‚ hey guys sorry but I have to take a sick day.. and I did.. and I slept most of the day.

I don’t do that out of laziness so I know my body needed it..

What I love about Empower is it doesn’t stop dead like a job would‚ or even a recruiting method that requires the phone.. so tonight I will be helping with the Social Media hangout we do each Tuesday..

And I have been asked a lot lately‚ how someone could be in on it without being on my team.. we came up with a way!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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