Does It Ever Get Easier?

I always wanted things to be easy..
And it wasn’t

At first I was angry.. and jealous!

As I went along I started to gain some strengths and skills
I began to realize

It was not about it being easier
It’s about getting better

And sometimes getting better means realizing that maybe you have to get with new people who will help you stretch..

Sometimes it means looking at things different

Sometimes it means being okay with not being right all of the time

A wise mentor asked me once “Do you want to be right all of the time, if so you may not win!”

What we believe and what we want may not always be the right way..

It may be that we have to let ourselves be more open..

One thing I have learned lately..

Is I cannot get set on anyone person as to who is joining me..

And as I have become more open to all people regardless who they are or where they are..

A lot of new things and people have come into my realm!

I used to think that being just in my tight little group of the MLM or company was all that I needed..

And then came to realize that there was a whole world of others who had wise things to share!!

So What Do You Think Does It Ever Get Easier?


To Your Abundant Success!!

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