Don’t Practice a Stormtrouper Approach!

Recognizing that we are dealing with individuals are so very key in Network marketing.

I know that I am not a carbon-copy of any of the leaders in network marketing. So then why is it the prevailing theme to copy to the letter someone Else’s persona? The perception is that anyway.

If you really listen though the leader is not saying become “Him”. Although all of the time‚I am hearing people say‚ “He did…‚

He has…‚

So I want to be just like him.” No‚ I say no! That is something you have to stop doing.

Become the best you‚ using the successful pattern. Your personality is not identical to him.

You are not looking to become a “clone” of “Him!”

Do you remember in the story‚ at the beginning it explains that the storm-troupers were clones‚ meaning the dna of one individual was replicated millions of times. That made him expendable.

In network marketing its not about go through huge numbers and kick the little sticks out of the way! Its get a win for everyone on your team!

You should never believe that your win is more important than their win! That’s what I believe anyway‚ you can take it or you can leave it.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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