Don’t Allow The Doubts Of Another Dictate Your Path!

When we were very small, as I am in the picture here,

Most of the time we were determined to accomplish something.. even it if were just that first crawl, or that first step.

Somehow along the way,

most of us have been knocked down many times..

Somehow in that journey, we forgot that determination when we were small..

Somehow we let the doubts of others seep into us..

making us afraid and we stayed small..


The doubts of another are nothing more than the wind in my face..

I will close my eyes and refuse to breathe in that doubt..

it rushes by me and I am untouched

I have two things for you today:


There are negatives in our lives

There are show stoppers

They can build us or destroy us

Today a post about how to turn up the color

Of our dreams…

Remember that determination of your youth, turn it on again!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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