Dare To Be REAL! Things I Will Never Say!

I think this is the greatest thing that I can do for myself. And actually the greatest thing I can do for all of my friends and associates as well.

What does that mean? That’s an interesting question. Well it means I don’t model myself after anyone‚ or anything else! I am unique‚ there’s only one of me.

It also means that everything I say‚ whether its out of my mouth‚ or something I write must reflect that. So I make a promise to all of you. You will NEVER HEAR ME SAY You can get 20+ leads a day! You know why? Because no matter what I do‚ its up to you whether that happens for you or not. I won’t make a promise ever that I can’t keep.

I think critically‚ and if there is one thing that gets me going its inflated‚ claims that don’t ring true. You know the ones‚ ” Gary dingbat got 20‚ooo leads this month‚ you can too!”

Network marketing is still about taking action‚ its not magic‚ There is no magic formula‚ there is no microwave to step into‚ there is no special traffic‚ that’s better than another‚ ̵  that’s a funny one it reduces people to “traffic” which is another of the dehumanizing phrases. That’s another word I won’t use! So when I give you an offer‚ its because I believe in it‚and have tested it‚ knows that it works. 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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