Remember This Will Take Time To Prospect From Facebook For Your Online Network Marketing

Phase One: 1. Make 10 new contacts every day! This is simple‚ take your Facebook account‚and simply friend 10 new people every day who you don’t currently know‚ look on fan pages that are in your mlm industry.

I’m not saying message them your link and pitch them‚ make 10K tomorrow‚ just friend them‚or send them a brief comment for your online network marketing.

2. Out of the 10 contacts or mlm prospects you sent a friend invite to‚ everyone that added you go to their page go and comment on something on their page‚ or write a comment about their hobbies.

If you attended the same school‚ if they tried out the new local restaurant‚ asking what opportunity they are in? What they like about it? Make a friend! once again simple. Get creative! Remember this is a long process and in your online network marketing there will be individuals that clearly will not fit with your program.

Build Relationships Is Key With Your Online Network Marketing

Phase Two: 3. Now this is where it is interesting to get maximum results you need to be a friend to move on the the next step. You don’t just spam links and push your opportunity that will not get results even if you do sponsor someone there is no friendship or connection.

This step 3 is crucial and can take 3 days or even a week‚ build a relationship and have fun‚you honestly want to create a relationship and find out if they are fit for your business. This is by the way where most get this wrong‚ they want to rush the process in their online network marketing.

4. After building a friendship‚ talking about the industry hobbies whatever it May be‚ really evaluate if this will be a good prospect for your business. This May turn out to be a good friend or someone to bounce ideas off of I know we have all heard to be great in mlm‚ have alot of friends.

Now if they do seem like someone that is inline with what your doing shoot over a pm something like “I do work with a neat company that might fit with what your doing now‚ if you would like ill shoot you over a link that will explain how it works if not no big deal.” I always ask permission before sending them a link with my online network marketing‚ then I can never be accused of spamming.

If They Have Show An Interest Get Help Upline For Your Online Network Marketing

Phase Three: 5. If the response is positive from the link you send get in touch with your mentor/ leader/ upline on getting a 3 way call set up‚ let me repeat. Get in touch with your upline on getting a 3 way call set up‚ you want them to present and close for you for your first 10 personally sponsored at least this tip alone with save you grief‚ headache‚ frustration and lost income in a huge way!

This is where you tap into your team with your online network marketing. Quick Tip- Now remember when you are prospecting‚ if your primary business is health look for people interested in health‚ and secondly the better the connection you build in the comment or in similar interests the better the results you will get. If you find people with similar interests its better than someone who is not going to be interested and has to be convinced to do your online network marketing.

Or You Can Work With Targeted Prospects In Your Online Network Marketing

I always use the most valuable lead funnel that there is out there‚ the marketing is outstanding‚ the training‚ for someone brand new that is definitely the best. I got my ideas from this video! Remember this is not a quick process and you must be very patient with the process.


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