Its About Credibility‚ Relationship And Service!

Would You Join Someone Based on Credibility or Relationship Heres why I asked that..Question posed today..

I just read a blog post about “Accessibility To TOP Producers” and this AUTHOR was talking about not answering his phone because… QUOTE “hes been taking random calls from perfect strangers who only want to “pick your brain” or ask questions that could easily be answered if they would simply pick up a book on the subject is an absolute waste of time. “Time is money” isn’t just a cute cliche to a top producer – it is their LIFE.”


Isn’t this industry about building relationships with people. Maybe that “PERFECT STRANGER” wanted to get to know you first before joining your business? In addition‚ this article had links going back to his website so they can join his MLM business. I believe this guy really doesn’t have credibility because true leaders


Whether its LIVE SEMINARS‚ WEBINARS‚ PHONE CONFERENCING‚ “more importantly”they talk about real issues‚ real problems….so the choice is credibility or relationship‚or maybe they are actually one and the same?

My Reply:

This is an interesting thought. Yes I can see what you mean with this person. He didn’t take the time to find out what that person needed so he will never know if that was his next leader calling. Some of my best leaders first pick up the phone and call me‚ they go to my blog‚to my social media profiles‚ especially on Youtube and Facebook.

They even “listen” for a while sometimes. I think what he was probably referring to is often taught in the industry. We are now in a new era of Network Marketing‚ and era of being more transparent‚ more real and definitely more accessible.

And sometimes‚ yes we May find that a phone call we took didn’t lead to anything fruitful. But how do we know‚ because we are planting seeds‚ by our content‚ by our speech‚ and by our contacts by phone‚ by e-mail‚ and in person. So I don’t think we can afford not to be accessible even when it means we get to pick it up to a recorded call a few times a day.

I do take the calls even if it is a pitch or even if it is a recording‚ or even…. if it is actually someone who wants to get to know me‚ find out if I am real and learn more about what I have to offer‚ until I answer that call I really don’t know. And last it is about what you are being in both those calls and in person‚ because if we are not willing to listen and to get into what the person is looking for‚ no one wins.



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