Coming From The Heart ̵ Being willing to Love

That title probably got your curiosity but think about it‚ we can choose to love‚ or we can choose to close ourselves off from it because of past hurts.

I know I have in the past done that. Somehow I thought that I could protect myself from any further hurt that way.

All it actually did was to keep me from experiencing real joy. It also started many things inside that I have now begun to remove from my old programming.

Some of those things include:

Resentment: being angry because it appears that someone else has it better than me‚and that they don’t have the problems I have. Feeling this though can close off any opportunity to have a most meaningful relationship with that person.

Suspicion: Being afraid to believe in something or someone because there must be a catch a gottcha‚ we don’t like being caught by one of those. So we put up our guard‚ that keeps us from trusting anything. Soon its almost impossible to believe in anything.

There are others and thats not what I want to focus on now but how to get into the mode of coming from the heart

When we are coming from the heart‚ then our motive is from love and caring.

We put the other person before our own agenda or motive

We are not manipulating them to take an action that we have pre-conceived for them.

We let them be motivated by their own need.

We ask questions to better understand where they are coming from.

We encourage them to tell us what they are frustrated about.

We encourage them to tell us what it is they want from us.

We are open to them‚ but not used by them.

We genuinely care about them.

True love isn’t just the feeling between men and women but between one human to another. It can be as simple as being a listening ear‚ to perceiving a need and filling that need. It is a hug‚ a touch‚ a kind word. Too often Hollywood and other media have defined it but only we can really define it in its deepest sense of the word.

I have have found that when I mentor‚ I can display a true love in the simple ways I just outlined. I can be a true friend‚ and care.


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