I Had All Kinds Of Visualizations…

The easiest thing we do is visualize.. The problem is most of us learned to visualize negative things.. What if the boogy man gets me? What if I am late for school? What if I don’t get the job? What if he divorces me? What if I don’t have enough money to live?

What if I die from a dreaded disease? What we have to do is unlearn all those negative things.. It is not easy because we have had so much more practice visualizing the bad things.. I get in conversations.. and they say I can’t do that because here is my history.. all the times that I failed… but that is visualization in the negative..

How to make it positive.. is to make yourself see a picture that you have never seen before… When you start doing that.. slowly but surely the new things you want start happening! Like I said this is not always easy.. the way we visualize now is so entrenched.. I did this also to myself so I totally understand it.

I used to fixate on lack of money almost constantly.. I used to have a fairly good income.. But it slowly evaporated.. because of this fixation..


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