Challenge Your Limits!

If you decide to limit yourself..

It will be difficult to accomplish much…

I had someone ask me how to be successful in business..

When I shared with him something I use that could help..

His first question was “Is it free?”

He just limited and shut down his ability to create anything..

In my experience..

It is hard to get anywhere if you do not even let yourself be open..

If there is a chance there is an investment..

The better question is..

“Is it worth my investment?”

That you can answer yourself by going and looking with an open mind..

There have been many times when I may not have had the money readily available..

But after deciding it was of value to me and that it was worth the investment..

I found a way to invest!

It’s really a matter of not saying I will not even look if it’s not free..

But thinking is this of value to me?

Challenges often come..

When its time to stretch and grow!

Its sad..

That the majority read a challenge as a reason..
to shrink back…

Rather than instead..

Making a decision to push through.. and grow past it..

Because I make a conscious decision to grow past challenges..
and not limit myself..

Challenges that seemed huge a year ago..
seem like nothing..

On the other hand..

If one decides to limit themselves to avoid challenges..

They often find that challenges just get bigger and bigger!

So it’s really a matter of changing your view..
of what challenges are here for!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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