Can You Play At Hokey Pokey Network Marketing?

Okay for people that don’t remember: Hokey Pokey was a silly dance before the Macarena‚that was about just sticking a toe or an arm in. It was one of those things that got everyone excited for the duration of the dance.

I see people do network marketing that way. “Well‚ I will stick a toe in and test it!” I will try it for a month or so‚ and if the money isn’t there‚ I will quit!” There is no way you can ever build a long-lasting network marketing business that way!

You have to be all in‚ burn the bridges don’t look back‚ and for heaven’s sake alive‚ not have an attitude of I guess I will try and see if I might fail! You have to stick long enough and treat it like a real business. People think it’s doesn’t cost much to get in so it must not be a real business. This isn’t the case! It really takes time and energy to make it work.

Get Rich Quick?

Many actually get in with unrealistic expectations about what they can get from their business. They don’t give it the amount of time it takes. The second part of that is that there is real “work” in network marketing. It’s a skill level you must learn.

If you are learning internet marketing‚ that means there are really two sets of skills that you must learn. Internet marketing does not‚ nor will it ever actually totally replace the skills you need for network marketing! Some of what causes this is not preparing them properly for what they will need to do. The other typical cause is hyped up marketing‚ that promises such things as making thousands of dollars in your first month.

Gamblers Attitude

Now when someone goes into gambling they truly expect to get a really large amount of money for very little effort on their part. What they usually get is a lot of debt and broken dreams. If it was that easy casino’s would not be making any money‚ think about it! Casinos are betting on you to loose. Someone coming into network marketing with a gamblers attitude expecting to make a ton of money without much effort on their part is setting themselves up to fail.

One Toe In The Water

This is the attitude I am talking about. It’s the “I’ll give it a try attitude. The attitude that causes more failure than anything else I have seen. Because there is no vested interest on that persons part to really put in the time‚ money‚ and especially effort to learn the skills that is required to really win! Make sure you also give the right expectations to those who you sponsor. If someone join

s your downline expecting to make a ton of money their first month with or without any effort then they are going to be let down. The program will never live up to their expectations‚ that is just not the way true network marketing works! Letting someone have those expectations or even encouraging them to have those kind of expectations is creating an atmosphere of failure!

Change The Mentality

Come into your new business with the correct attitude that it is a business. Don’t let a small startup or free fool you. One of the attractions of network marketing is the low overhead cost‚but that doesn’t mean that there is no cost in both time and money! Understand that just as you will need help and nurturing in your beginning a new business‚ you must also be willing to nurture and help those whom you sponsor!

And one more thing on the lottery or gambling mentality: when you sponsor someone who appears to have skills and more drive‚ don’t hang all of your expectations on that person. That is also a way to be in that “gambling” mindset. Always help everyone‚ but take personal responsibility for your success and for that matter take personal responsibility for your failure!

No Stoning the Messenger!

Before you start throwing stones let me explain what I mean! I heard a well know network marketer tell a story of his mentor saying “I am not responsible for your success‚ I will give you help support and tools to do it‚ but in the end you still must take the action!” “For that matter I am also not responsible for your failure!”

What he was saying is if he points you in the right direction‚ but you start making decisions about what you will do to be successful‚ and most especially what you won’t do‚and the formula you were given which was making others successful just changed!

Seek Out Qualified Mentors and Trainers

I found out early that just because someone sponsored me didn’t mean that they knew how to mentor me. In fact‚ I have often found that the person who sponsored me was not capable of being my mentor! I don’t hold it against them‚ I have just come to realize that they are not responsible for my success‚ and if I am responsible‚

I will seek out those who can mentor and train me! Here is what I decided early on‚ I am not interested in being someone else’s experiment! I will find those who actually have been doing it and are successful then I will follow that pattern! Here is why that is important to you: I won’t experiment on you either‚ if I find out it works‚ I will test it‚ then I will share it with my downline!

I go right to the top‚ because people at the top know what they are doing. I think that is also a way that many “gamble” is that they don’t take the time to study the decision out and make an informed decision on not just the company‚ but the sponsor! Yes I said that‚ shop for your sponsor! Why not I say‚ you are very careful who will sell you a house‚ work on your car‚ but when it comes to business‚ you take the “luck of the draw?”

Not me! Expect A Growing Process

Many people come into network marketing with an “employee mindset” they want to be told what to do and they do it. In a business it just doesn’t work that way. I don’t know about you‚but I got out of a job‚ and I didn’t take on the job of goading lazy employees. Somewhere in the equation there must be growth on your part‚ you must be willing to learn and grow. Learn the skills and gradually change your mindset!

Use A Proven Simple System

To avoid any chance of gambling take a system that you can see others having success with. Now this is not always connected with your MLM Network marketing company. (see the post below this post)

Your Home Work!

Decide from day one that you will take full responsibility for your business!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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