How You Can Create Your Warm List In Network Marketing Using the Internet

Now I would bet you are thinking this is going to be another mindset article‚and while there is definitely an element of mindset involved‚ there is also the need of real tools‚ real training and real mentors when you start to begin your journey in network marketing using the internet!

Today my objective is to direct you towards the tools‚ training and mentors I have found to be the best to help you make the most out network marketing using the internet which in itself is a tool‚ to build your business. I have also found it is all about learning attraction marketing.

A Few Network Marketing Using The Internet Myths

I want to make a few points here then go into some more detail:

  • All you need is share it with everyone
  • Your warm list is your family
  • You can build a business without any training
  • Just hit the numbers!

I am sure there are many more but you get the idea!

Creating The Warm List In Network Marketing Using the Internet The Easy Way Or The Right way?

When we start out we are all employees and there is a particular way we do things as an employee. I know that it really hasn’t changed much since its beginnings in the 60’s but when we first start out‚ we are told to make a list. Now when doing network marketing using the internet we can still use the “warm list as well to get faster traction. The problem usually lies in this:

  • We think about those we are comfortable speaking to‚ who are either broke like us‚or broker than us!
  • We have a list of people Todd Falconne calls the “chicken list” those who are more successful‚ but we are afraid to talk to

So of course we actually go after the comfortable list and get a lot of rejection‚ we are never taught how to go after the “chicken list” so we remain broke. That is where it is so important to get the right kind of training. If we really understood that the successful person would actually be more open than the broke friend‚ we would always talk to the successful person. At least for me I had blown out all of my warm market and found my way to the internet. I have found that many now think that

Finding The Right Mentor And Tools To Make Network Marketing Using The Internet Easy!

Now before you get excited thinking its just a plug (although it is‚ lol)‚ I have to tell you a bit about the journey I have traveled. I had somewhat the same attitude at one time as maybe you have‚ (when it came to trying to build network marketing using the internet)‚ that its just about people wanting my money.Now I am not going to claim there is an easy button when network marketing using the internet‚ but the closest one I have found is Power Lead System.

And while of course there is the element that someone will make some money‚ its also about building an alliance with someone who can teach and guide you. When I first got started network marketing using the internet I spent a huge amount of time searching for what I wanted to know through google‚ youtube and all over. I got a lot of misinformation.

Until I went through a long process of struggle to finally realize I had to find the right tools and training. Now for sure you could find them‚ if you searched all over the internet‚ did a whole bunch of trial and error‚ (like I did) which was very costly I might add  I found all kinds of people that claimed to have the right tools and then I would find out later that it wasn’t.

Another thing I learned about network marketing using the internet is who you align with is key!  n with me and take the struggle out. Now we are talking about the myths and the misinformation that is often so rampant today.

I found out the hard way (long story) who I connected with was one of the most critical decisions I could make! When you have a guide you don’t have to question every move.

When I got with the right sponsor‚ and mentor‚ my path was clear. Now I can share it with you.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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