Blogging Still The Best Way To Create Leads And Sales

You know that old saying – “Insanity is doing the same thing.. over and over.. and expecting a different result!”

There is one thing I have been doing that has created leads and sales..  From the beginning and through to now..And that is blogging!

I have done both self-hosted and a system where they do a lot of the back office admin stuff..

Now I am talking self-hosted..  The love hate relationship has been on since 2008

And yes today..

There is new content every day on

Content marketing is something that still works.. if done right..

The big problem has been

Newbies get confused..

And they get overwhelmed by the technical aspects..

And so I really didn’t push it..

Because the majority of my list and customers are Newbies..

I have a soft spot for them..

That is why I usually promote a system rather than self-hosted..

A place that is..

WordPress sites.. that are up in literally 3 clicks..

I have more than one blog.. (not required) because I have leads from several different interests..

I started using systems way back in 2011 when Empower Network came out..

The problem was, it became too pricey!

Most people do not have $200 or $300 they can spend monthly until they become profitable..

I know that and it is why I am always on the look out for new systems..

MLSP has one but its not the complete tool package..

But I promoted both MLSP and Power Lead System so that I could help people to get all the tools they really needed..

Until just recently that would mean two memberships in two different systems at just over $100 a month


Now I don’t have to because Power Lead System just introduced the Power Blog

And I do very much believe in blogging because..

Something that creates leads and sales..

You see..

Social medias they come and go

Anyone remember MYSpace?




I could name about 10 others.. you get what I mean!

Facebook is cool..

I still bring people back to my blog

It was so important that I spent about two weeks setting it up

When it got a virus..

Resubmitting content.. UGH!

That is why I do recommend the new Power Blog for all!

Takes away all the tech and all the worry.

Blogging Still The Best Way To Create Leads And Sales and especially now!

Learn The Right Way From The Beginning!

Check it out!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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