Being Teachable or Coachable‚ what does that mean? Even the wise guru’s have Coaches!

We all go through stages as we progress in our MLM business. Sometimes we can come to the point that we feel we are done and we have all the coaching or learning that we need. Beware of those thoughts.

Is there a point where we do not need coaches? I don’t think so. I have found that the more I progress in my business the more I need coaches!

Now I don’t need them for the little stuff as in the beginning‚ but there are still times things come up and we must have help. Its that willingness to ask for help that actually brings us to greatness.

I have a video I watch often that illustrates that. True greatness doesn’t mean expert in everything but appreciation for those who have tools we don’t have. Tapping into all of the sources of help and knowledge.

We don’t have to be alone in this to be great. Its not a sign of weakness to realize our need to ask for help!


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